One Holographic Day

What if you already get it? I don’t mean having the best reality presentation (i.e. the best one liner) after dinner with friends when all the political and personal topics have been exhausted. I mean when you are sitting with someone in casual conversation at a meal when the large bird flying by the window reveals to you for the zillionth time that you are living inside a universe size hologram. What to do? You have already backed out of your holographic universe slowly enough many times before so that nobody notices, and you have found yourself ecstatically aware of life outside the veils of that illusion like Tom Hanks staring into the camera at the end of Cast Away.
The world, however, is not so easily shaken off. Back at the table between responses in the conversation, you have to deal with the realization that “you” don’t exist outside the hologram. The “you” that doesn’t exist inside the hologram exists in its own way and you conclude that it can probably dash off to some other arena of the cosmos once its fascination with this earth experience is over because you know that it has that same hidden itch moving it as you do sitting at the table lifting the fork of food into your mouth. But then what about you?
So, what you know settles in like a gentle snowfall over the years until little of that holographic self remains to greet the day, and you ponder the possibilities of further gradual accumulation of the knowing that you aren’t real until your body gives up the ghost, or you make an ecstatic plea for the whole thing to turn into a divine rush of pure existence fire which ravages the life out of the pretender standing at his holographic window waiting to be taken away one holographic day.   

Ep 26 One God Walking

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What to do when it touches you? What to think? When everything you know collapses in the light of a presence that you will never be able to explain or ever deny. Not a time for petitioning for the betterment of your personal existence. My God! My personal existence! Then it retreats only to come back and see if its silence and your chattering mind can get along. And pretty soon when it arrives, you can only think beatific thoughts about life, existence, love, death and the grand design that you are a part of.
Eventually you see the truth of it all without a complex, emotionally charged, intellectual explanation about God, heaven and hell, sins, death and resurrection, clouding over the undefined core of your being. Day by day, week by week, year by year, it becomes you and you become it so that the vision of your particular life is a vision of the whole cosmos. And you shake your head in amazement that you never saw this before and that you were buried in the mud and mire of the torturous illusions that keep the human race churned up as if preparing itself for self-destruction.
As you look around now, you know not to worry, that all of it is arises moment by moment out of the infinite and you are just a piece of that knowing that has woken up with a brain, a body, hands and legs and a landscape to walk on, air to breathe, and people to know and love. What next, you ask? Now that the dream is banished and you walk forever on the shores of the unknown.

Ep 25 The Only Real Destiny

Listen to Ep 25 The Only Real Destiny

Life without any notion of spirit is dreary, people sleepwalking through every experience, thinking and doing what almost everyone else is thinking and doing. So most of the world goes on bordering on chaos and madness. And then there are some who are stirring awake and are realizing that what they do in life counts and that how we treat others matters on deep levels of the heart. And then there are those who feel the world changing around them, not in a historical sense but in a spiritual sense; they feel the presence of the divine and the awesome power of creation in everything that lives and moves, and even in those things that seem inert. They awake to the infinite spaces inside them; they look at their hands and feel God working in every cell and the life blood of the body that makes astonishment possible. And as the beyond settles into the consciousness of these rare human beings, the song of the cosmic drama begins to echo in the ever expanding inner spaces, and suddenly destiny moves in and makes everything real.