Ep 25 The Only Real Destiny

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Life without any notion of spirit is dreary, people sleepwalking through every experience, thinking and doing what almost everyone else is thinking and doing. So most of the world goes on bordering on chaos and madness. And then there are some who are stirring awake and are realizing that what they do in life counts and that how we treat others matters on deep levels of the heart. And then there are those who feel the world changing around them, not in a historical sense but in a spiritual sense; they feel the presence of the divine and the awesome power of creation in everything that lives and moves, and even in those things that seem inert. They awake to the infinite spaces inside them; they look at their hands and feel God working in every cell and the life blood of the body that makes astonishment possible. And as the beyond settles into the consciousness of these rare human beings, the song of the cosmic drama begins to echo in the ever expanding inner spaces, and suddenly destiny moves in and makes everything real.

Ep 24 Participating in God's Reality

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You know, we are just stuck with thick, clunky words for describing the world we live in. When we want to reference the inner dimensions of our existence, we still have only the big, clunky words with which to write, like the ones I am using now. Still, words such as these can bring us into deeper contact with the inner workings of human existence and how our experience of life can bring us into more intimate contact with the divine. I try to do that. I use familiar words in a particular context, and I take a particular angle on the movement of my consciousness into the divine, and I lay out the path that the divine takes in moving into my existence. It only takes a human willingness for the divine dance to take place. This episode of The Invisible Room Podcast continues that dance with clunky words but an open and sincere heart. Profound things happen in this episode. Doors open. The heart trembles with new awakenings. It's simple really. Just listening to the words takes us into places where words cannot travel. No matter. The mystery is in charge.

Ep 22 Do I Really Exist?

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You know, sometimes you forget that you exist, when the ocean isn't pouring over you, and all your questions about God and ecstasy and self aren't washed away into oblivion and you are not just existing naked and fresh in your inquiry, asking questions that have a sail and rudder for navigating the infinite; sometimes you forget you exist because you have to check the oil in the car under the infinite sky before the sun goes down and all the stars pin you to the back of your mind and you shout, "God, I give up! It's all infinite! It's all you! Every blessed thing! You can take me now! I think I'm ready! Just let me get the car in the garage and find my kitty, and hug my lady, and get dinner ready, and I can find a movie for the evening. Maybe then you can have those things too. Maybe when I'm lying down and not paying attention, and my kitty and lady are right there with me, and the movie's a pretty good one. Maybe then, when I forget.